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Come fly with us!

Come fly with us!

Come fly with us!Come fly with us!Come fly with us!
Experience the thrill of flying through the air in a safe and structured manner.

Experience the thrill of flying through the air in a safe and structured manner!

About Us

Trainers Who Care


WIlliam Pages, is a world renowned trapeze artist. He is a master trainer in the world of trapeze. His training and success came at a young age. He has traveled all over the world performing in front of massive audiences and even royalty. Now he has decided to train locally and continue to spread his passion and knowledge by opening an Elite training facility located in Myakka City, Florida 

Training Expertise

 Our teachers are highly qualified professionals trained to teach the art of trapeze and aerial arts. Expert guidance with the use of nets, safety wires, mats, and harnesses students on the ranch will experience the thrill of flying trapeze and other aerial arts in a safe and structured manner

Your Success is Our Goal

Introductory classes on the flying trapeze focus on beginning technique. 

Sessions include warm-up on the low trapeze to stretch out, learn flexibility and enhance your body awareness. Basic trapeze techniques include landing on the net, platform takeoff, and basic flying positions 



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